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Chris Fiedler Portfolio

Welcome to my website

Hi there! I'm Chris Fiedler, a web developer and technophile with a broad range of interests and experiences. I've always been driven by creativity and innovation, and I've found a unique way to blend my passions: building dynamic web experiences.

I am the founder of Modelsushi, a web development business that caters to a diverse range of clients. The name 'Modelsushi' has an interesting backstory. I started out as a sushi chef and model, hosting parties where I served sushi off of nude models with DJs and live music. While Modelsushi may have originated from these unconventional roots, it's now my primary focus and a platform for my technical and creative ventures.

Whether it's crafting an artist's portfolio site, establishing an online storefront for retailers, or collaborating on a unique project, my mission is to bring your vision to life. I also have a broad skill set that goes beyond web development and server management. As a lifelong gamer, I've volunteered with the Evocati group on the Star Citizen project, and music is a key passion. I've played the cornet, and baritone, taken opera and piano lessons, and dabbled in song production using software like Reason, Nuendo, Protools, and Cubase.

With a toolkit that includes Drupal, and a suite of Drupal modules, optimized servers, SEO, SSL, backups, cPanel, and WHMCS, I bring technical expertise to every project. Plus, I have a love for learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends, which ensures I can offer the best possible service to my clients.

If you're interested in learning more about my work or discussing potential projects, feel free to reach out. I'm also keen to connect with other professionals and expand my network. Thanks for taking the time to explore my world, where technology meets creativity!