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Chris Fiedler Portfolio

Hey there! I’m Chris Fiedler, the techie behind Modelsushi. My journey began with the art of sushi, and today, I’m the sushi chef for the Players Club at Little Ceasars Arena, serving the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings elite.

At Modelsushi, I apply my tech know-how to develop top-notch web experiences, supported by a reliable Dell server foundation. I pride myself on working with Drupal to create websites that are not just powerful, but also intuitive and secure.

Gaming is a big part of my life too. I contribute to the development of Star Citizen and share my 4K gaming experiences on my YouTube channel. You can see my work and play firsthand at [Christopolis](https://www.youtube.com/@Christopolis).

I’m also diving into AI, working on setting up GPT-NeoX on my Windows 11 system, leveraging my Nvidia 3090 for AI development — it's an ambitious project that I'm eager to bring to fruition.

Take a look at my channel for a real taste of my gaming adventures. If you’re into the combo of tech and creativity, drop me a line and let’s make something awesome.